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Healthy eating will benefit your child for the rest of their life. With nutrition services from the board-certified pediatricians at Neighborhood Pediatrics in Shenandoah, Texas, you can develop a nutritious diet for your child with consideration to any allergies or special diets. To book an appointment, call the office or schedule online today.

Nutrition Q & A

What is nutrition?

Nutrition refers to the sustenance you get from the foods you eat. A growing child has specific nutritional needs that are crucial for on-track growth and development, so you need to develop a healthy diet for your child and teach them healthy eating habits. 

Neighborhood Pediatrics offers individualized nutritional advice and guidance for babies, children, and adolescents. It’s important that a child’s diet includes some of each of these food groups:

  • Fruits 
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Fat-free or low-fat dairy products
  • Proteins
  • Oils

Eating healthy, especially when you start at an early age, promotes long-term health and wellness. A well-rounded and nutritious diet lowers your child’s risk later in life for health conditions like iron deficiency, type 2 diabetes, and dental cavities. 

What should I consider when planning my child’s diet?

You may need to make a few extra considerations while planning your child’s diet. The pediatricians at Neighborhood Pediatrics can work with you to create a nutritious diet for your child concerning:

Food allergies

Many children have food allergies, making it dangerous to eat peanuts, shellfish, milk, or other common food allergens. Neighborhood Pediatrics can diagnose food allergies and help you keep your child’s allergen out of their diet without taking away any nutritional value. 

Special diets

Special diets, such as veganism, vegetarianism, and gluten-free diets, can be an ethical choice or a choice that benefits your child’s wellbeing. Neighborhood Pediatrics can help you find nutritious alternatives to foods excluded from your child’s diet. 

How can I improve my child’s nutrition?

Every child is different, and the eating habits that benefit one might not help another child as much. 

You should consult your child’s pediatrician before making any significant changes to their diet, but you can encourage these helpful behaviors in your home to curb unhealthy eating:

  • Let your child stop eating when they’re full
  • Start your child on eating healthy foods at a young age
  • Avoid soda and other sugar-heavy drinks
  • Have a neutral attitude toward various foods, like dessert
  • Have the whole family follow a nutritious diet
  • Avoid eating in front of the TV

Your child’s pediatrician at Neighborhood Pediatrics may have other helpful, personalized advice for promoting great nutrition in your home. 

To schedule a visit and discuss your child’s nutritional needs, call Neighborhood Pediatrics or schedule an appointment online today.